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We were recently asked to post a heading that connects the disease or ailment to each testimonial, instead of a name in order to better identify the treatment. As a specialist in Homoeopathic treatment, we treat an individual who may be suffering from one complaint or many ailments. We do not believe in a specific (blanket) treatment for that disease - like the allopathic system does. We understand the futility and unscientific approach of giving one medicine to all persons suffering from a particular ailment. No two individuals (or their ailments) are alike, and we follow nature's law of cure. We evaluate common and uncommon, general and peculiar, particular as well as the underlying symptoms. We encourage our viewers to read all of the testimonials provided to us. For more information check out the Research Documents on the website.

Why Homoeopathy Makes Sense, The Battle for Legitimacy



Evelyn French
Poison Ivy

June 10-15 - My poison ivy reaction is almost completely gone thanks to Homoeopathic medicine! It worked great.

June 20-25 - Here are my progress pics from my second round of treatment. It’s looking so much better!

July 10 - This is my leg now from the poison ivy. Just scarred a bit.

Eldora Manshanden

May 24 - This morning I have a new development, three new visible clusters, and if you look closely you can see the blisters. By the feel, there are some on the top of my head too. Feels like low grade fiery pain mixed with the occasional stabbing.

May 27 - Two of the top of the head, I think yesterday and the other today. The pain isn’t as bad as that other evening. Still shoots occasionally to 8-9. Now mostly itchy and always seems there’s a bit of a low grade ache, especially at my hairline. Feels like a crawling sensation, like a bug, or a hair at times as well.

May 28 - The swelling around my eyes has gone a bit, and the big bump behind that big lesion is almost gone. Still ‘annoyingly’ itchy and painful. Pain does once in a while spike to 8ish. The worst is those two right at the hairline now.

May 29 - Just awoke from a nap in my sunroom. Gorgeous day! But I guess I AM healing and sleep’s good.

June 1 - It’s kinda early, but up with some pain today. As sore and red as this looks, is how it is. My eyebrow and ear aches and feels on fire. My body had a strange tingling feeling last night, so be fore I went to bed I took Homoeopathic medicine. That lower scab has partially loosened and I wonder if that’s why it’s so painful this morning. Left eye is swollen all around again, not that it had gone away, but the swelling has been going down during the day. Overall though you can see it continues to heal, the lesions on my head are also scabbing over and becoming less. I feel tired most of the time and one exertion, (making breakfast yesterday) my body breaks out in a sweat.

June 4 - So much better in the shingles department just occasional pain but just one big scab left to fall off.

June 5 - Just looking back at this journey and the first picture I took on May 20. Looks so good, swelling underneath eye almost gone! Still can be painful and itchy but a lot less.

June 11 - This really shows how my forehead has healed! The lesions at this point feel numb to touch, but still quite sore. It also shows the swelling above that left eye. That area and above is what feels like a achy headache at times still. The right eye is back to normal.

June 13 - Still experiencing that deep itchy pain, right where the lesions are, and around my eye socket, but only a few times a day. Continues to dry out and look better all the time.

June 15 - Trying to capture if there is anything left on the top of my head, kept thinking I was just missing it. But it really didn’t manifest into anything like my face. Perhaps because the top came out a few days later, and I got on the first remedy, it helped keep that area more in control.

June 27 - Doing good. One headache on the left side of my head yesterday, lasted 15 mins. And an ocular episode (where it’s like you’re looking thru broken glass) 15 mins. I hadn’t had one of those for many months, so likely not connected to shingles at all.

June 28 - Just to show the side view of lesions, quite an indentation at this point. Nothing to see on scalp!

July 13 - It just itches 2-3 times a day, all around that left side of the forehead.

September 5 - The scar varies from this to a bit red at times, and that side of my forehead and my scalp still unexplainably itch once in a while.

Martha Neufeld
Leg & Foot Ulcers in diabetic patients have three common underlying causes:

1. Venous Insufficiency
2. Peripheral Neuropathy - Neurotrophic Ulcers 
3. Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease

However careful examination of Vascular and Neuropathic status is important for proper management. Martha started treatment March of 2006 for other concerns, therefore she had confidence in Homeopathic Medicine. When Martha's complaint began I was treating the Neuropathy and as a result the Ulcer developed. The body knows what it needs to heal and the patient needs to trust the healer.

February 7, 2015
12:15 pm -  Better sleep last night. Leg this morning, photo attached, thanks.

February 9, 2015 
11:40 am - It's still burning at night, photos attached.

February 12, 2015
10:50 pm - Picture of Leg and bandage taken tonight hurting a lot.

February 17, 2015 
1:00 am - The pain started and hasn't stopped. Not sure how much more I can take.
1:43 am. - This photo was taken Tuesday morning.
8:22 am - It feels like the skin is stretching and can't and it is not where the open sores are it is down by my ankle at the back.
I put a warm cloth didn't help tried cool no help. It is very red and oozing yellow discharge and there's jabbing too.
8:28 am - The pain is on each side of the leg burning and stabbing. 
2:29 pm  - Homeopathy medicine taken - Now there is no pain what gives last night and this morning I wanted to cut my leg off.

February 19, 2015  
6:55 pm - This is the dressing from the leg. Lots of puss today's picture.

February 20, 2015 
10:57 am - So far so good in regards to the pain.

February 22, 2015  
11:13 am - Pictures taken

February 22, 2015
4:48 pm - The pain is nothing like before. One night it was bothering me I took the non stick bandage off and it burned as I removed it and lasted about an hour, then was okay and I went back to sleep.

February 25, 2015 
11:10 pm -  The bandage from today, still puss.

February 27, 2015
11:10 pm - Picture taken and the bandage from today, still puss.

March 2, 2015
9:04 am - Still a lot of puss
9:50 pm - Some burning but not bad it only lasts for a little while.

March 11, 2015
2:00 pm - I have had a a few bad days and nights when it was burning and pulling. Still a lot of puss and leaking. On my last medicine.

March 11, 2015 
4:30 pm - Leg swollen still.

March 25, 2015 
8:50 pm - There is burning in the bottom Ulcer

April 24, 2015 
1:10 pm - Today's picture quite red and sore.

April 28, 2015 
12:35 pm - Here is today's picture drying up.

April 30, 2015 
10:30 am - Still drying up.

May 2, 2015 
4:55 pm - Looking better.

Helene Theoret
I had an Incisional Double Hernia Surgery at my belly button on Tuesday March 13th and stayed for 2 nights in the hospital. It was supposed to be a day surgery but it was bigger than anticipated. I got home Thursday March 15th at lunch time. My stomach felt tight and very sore getting up and off the bed, couch and chair. I also had shooting pains through my stomach every now and then. My stomach was swollen and tender. I was taking naproxen for the swelling but they weren’t helping. I was waking up 3 times at night to go to the washroom and take a Tylenol. I was taking Tylenol 3’s for the pain but they were plugging me up so I stopped taking those meds March 17th. I went to see Dr Darlene Bouchard and she suggested 3 medicines that would heal me and they sure did quicker then I thought!

Saturday March 17th Day 1 on homeopathy medicine - I'm sore and my stomach feels tight sitting and getting up from the chair. Started to take the medicine at around 2pm. As the day goes on into the evening my stomach feels tight still but can feel it becoming a little loser.

Sunday March 18th Day 2 on homeopathy medicine - I'm sore when I get up. I notice when I get up from bed it isn’t as tight and painful. I was having shooting pains but so far none in the afternoon. I slept good last night and only woke up once at 3am and slept till 930 straight through.

Monday March 19th Day 3 on homeopathy medicine - When I woke up this morning It didn't hurt as much as it was my stomach felt looser and not so tight. I am a side sleeper I can now switch to my side to sleep which I couldn't before.
I only woke up once at night to go to the washroom. My stomach is less swollen I can see the difference.

Tuesday March 20th Day 4 on homeopathy medicine - I can sit and get up and get to and off the bed without too much pain I see a big difference. I notice if I sit too long it does hurt when I get up so I do walk around.

Wednesday March 21st Day 5 on homeopathy medicine - when I woke up this morning I only felt pressure / pain in my belly button the rest of my stomach feels no pain. My stomach looks almost back to normal from the swelling.

Thursday March 22nd Day 6 on homeopathy medicine - when I woke up this morning I felt the same as yesterday. I did notice today that I could squat and bend down to pick up something that fell on the floor without pain.

Friday March 23rd Day 7 on homeopathy medicine - today I noticed there is no pain in my belly button just a dull ache. I can sit for a longer period from 15 to a half hour without getting up and when I do there is very little pain. I did have some itchiness for the first time but it didn’t last long about 10 minutes.

Saturday March 24th Day 8 on homeopathy medicine - The first day I went outside for a walk about 25 minutes.
My stomach Is a little tight but there is barely pain!

Sunday March 25th Day 9 on homeopathy medicine - as of today Dr. Darlene Bouchard cut my medicine in half because I’m doing very well. There was no pain today and for the first time after the surgery I drove without much discomfort just a little tightness in the centre of my belly button. My Surgeon recommended 3 to 6 weeks before driving. I only removed the bandage on March 17th.

Monday March 26th Day 10 on homeopathy medicine - when I got up today there was no pain. When I sit down and get up there is no pain. I have tenderness when I touch my stomach around and at my belly button.

Tuesday March 27th Day 11 on homeopathy medicine - I drove today and went to get my hair done there was no pain and I was there for 2 hours. I went to drive my Mom to her appt and spent 3 hours with her. When I got home at 3:30 I was sore so I took arnica my next medicine and at the end of the night I felt better.

Wednesday March 28th Day 12 on homeopathy medicine - I felt good when I got up with no pain. I still have the tenderness feeling when I touch my stomach.

Thursday March 29th Day 13 on homeopathy medicine - I feel good today my stomach only feels tenderness on the right side of my stomach. I did drive today and felt ok.

Friday March 30th Day 14 on homeopathy medicine - I had the best sleep last night and was comfortable sleeping on my side. I find it harder to sleep on the right side as that is where the tenderness is on my stomach near my belly button.

Saturday March 31st Day 15 on homeopathy medicine - I feel the same as yesterday. I did quite a bit of running around and felt ok in the evening.

Sunday April 1st Day 16 on homeopathy medicine - I feel good today my stomach still feels tender to the touch. I had some itchiness but only for a few minutes.

Monday April 2nd Day 17 on homeopathy medicine - same as yesterday but no itchiness.

Tuesday April 3rd Day 18 on homeopathy medicine - I can now lay on my right side and be comfortable.

Wednesday April 4th Day 19 on homeopathy medicine - I feel good today the strips are finally falling off and my belly button looks really good. My stomach is tender to the touch.

Thursday April 5th Day 20 on homeopathy medicine - I feel the same as yesterday.

Friday April 6th Day 21 on homeopathy medicine - I went out and walked and felt good in the evening no soreness in my stomach just tender to the touch.

Saturday April 7th Day 22 on homeopathy medicine - all of the strips fell off and my stomach looks good and is tender to the touch.

Sunday April 8th Day 23 on homeopathy medicine - I feel the same as yesterday my stomach is tender to the touch and has some inflammation.

Monday April 9th Day 24 on homeopathy medicine - Dr DarleneBouchard suggested a medicine so I started taking it every day for the inflammation and tenderness of my stomach.

Tuesday April 10th Day 25 on homeopathy
medicine - starting to feel the inflammation and tenderness go away.

Wednesday April 11th Day 26 on homeopathy medicine - feel the same as yesterday.

Thursday April 12th Day 27 on homeopathy medicine - starting to feel better.

Friday April 13th Day 28 on homeopathy medicine - I feel so much better and my surgeon told me it would take months to get better and I already feel great!

I have never tried homeopathy medicine as I have always gone the route of the medical field. For my ailments in the future I will definitely seek Dr Darlene Bouchard’s expertise. I would recommend Dr Darlene Bouchard as I feel she can help you in getting to the root problem in any medical issue you may have.

Candace and Callie Hadway
I drove my 2 year old daughter from Dauphin to see Dr. Bouchard regarding some kind of itchy infection that was scabbed, oozing and spreading on her scalp. It was never diagnosed but it did look and behave a lot like ring worm.

I did what I thought was right on my end with home remedies - which was keeping it down to a point where it looked like it was gone but as soon as I would stop with my efforts it would return but be even bigger! What started out (when it was first noticed) at the size of a dime, now covered the entire crown of her head by the time we reached Dr. Bouchard.

Thanks to Dr. Bouchard’s experience and knowledge, she found a couple remedies that took care of the problem. Within a month it began getting smaller and smaller a less irritable. It has not returned since - and it has been 2 years! Not only were the remedies inexpensive, but they did the trick and without any of the side effects that would have come with traditional western prescriptions. When I visited a walk in doctor prior, she asked that I let the infection flare up more to get a proper diagnosis!

Dr. Bouchard didn’t need a diagnosis with homeopathy she only needed to know that it was a skin irritation and she went from there. I am so thankful that our family can rely on Dr. Bouchard in the future!

Elaine Koltalo
In January, I fell while I was skating and broke my wrist. Hospital emergency said it was a bad break as both the radius and ulna were broken. The pain was severe. With the help of morphine and freezing in the bones the doctor was able to use traction to straighten the arm and the x-ray showed the bones were looking straight again. I was told to make an appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon for further assessment.

One week later I saw the surgeon who x-rayed the arm and said it was set well, the bones were lined up, but I should have surgery to pin and plate the bones so they don’t move. I was shocked as I did not want surgery if at all possible. It’s invasive and putting pins and plates in was not a natural way for my body to heal. He explained it would heal faster and I’d be out of the cast sooner (3 weeks). If I didn't have the surgery I would be in the cast 6-8 weeks. There was also a chance the bones could shift in the next two weeks causing them to heal wrong, and then surgery would be absolutely necessary. I said I wouldn't mind the extra time and that I was willing to let it heal naturally. He accepted my choice and said he would check up with me next week.

I contacted Dr. Bouchard and told her the situation, she was in Toronto at a conference but sent a health care plan to her office for me to follow. I started the next day. One week later my arm was x-rayed and the surgeon was amazed the bones hadn’t shifted and were fusing nicely. He exclaimed that there was no surgery necessary and that I was “a lucky lady”. Further assessment and physiotherapy has showed no problems in the wrist. It is healed completely and I have full range of motion and complete strength. In my mind, it’s as good as it was before.

Thanks to Dr. Bouchard and holistic medicine, I was able to avoid invasive surgery and compromise my body’s ability to heal naturally.

Evelyn French
I've had a very weak immune system my entire life that has caused me to be absent from school and work. I've been to many doctors and herbalists before I was referred to Kas-Sky. On my first visit, I'd been sick for 3 weeks with no energy or motivation. After just one appointment, I felt better than I've ever felt in my whole life. I now have more motivation to exercise and eat healthy. I have more energy and I get lots of compliments on how much healthier I look. Normally, a cold would knock me down for about 2 weeks, but I was able to fight my last one off in just days. Dr. Bouchard really helped me get back on my feet.

Linda Browning
I have been seeing Dr. Bouchard since May 2011 for arthritic symptoms that have affected my health in some respect for the last 15 years. We are taking a cautious approach in treating my symptoms gently. I have tried to follow Dr. Bouchard’s recommendations for lifestyle changes to reap the most benefits from her advice. I do not take any conventional medicine; neither prescription or over the counter pain killers of any kind. I HAVE NOT FELT THIS GOOD FOR YEARS! My biggest improvement is getting a good night’s sleep without the pain that woke me during the night or prevented me from falling asleep. I get up in the morning feeling rested. It has been so long since I had a good night’s sleep I had forgotten what it felt like. Before, it was difficult for me to walk first thing in the morning as my joints were very stiff. Going down the stairs, I had to lean heavily on the handrail. This does not happen anymore. My emotional health has benefited since my physical health has greatly improved.

I hope you give Homoeopathy the chance to alleviate arthritic symptoms. This is an ongoing process for me and I am still under Dr. Bouchard’s care.

Joyce Calderon
I have had eczema all my life. I’ve been through a lot of treatments here in Winnipeg, as well as the Philippines with temporary or unsatisfactory results.

On Sept 7, 2006 I began to see Dr. Bouchard for Homoeopathic treatment. My eczema got worse at the beginning of the treatment because Homoeopathy works in reverse order of healing. My skin was tight, red, scaly, cracking and extremely itchy. This has affected my performance at work. My work requires reaching, bending and kneeling as I stock shelves. Due to the tightness of my skin, my movements are limited. It was on Oct 11, 2006 that I took my leave of absence at work and since then have been relying on my student line of credits to pay for my treatments as well as my day to day needs.

I’ve almost done 3 months of Homoeopathic treatment and my skin is the best it has ever been! Unfortunately Homoeopathy is not covered, so I have spent approximately $652.17 on my treatments. I have enclosed all my receipts. I am not ready to return to work, but these 3 months have put a strain on my financial situation.

The seriousness of my eczema has prevented me from doing my job properly so therefore I feel that I deserve to be covered by the benefits of Employment Insurance.

Donna Ladan
My name is Donna Ladan. I have been attending the Kas-Sky Wholistic Centre since 2000. Prior to this I went to a pediatrician. I was not getting good results with my kids taking conventional medicine so I decided to do research on how and where I can find alternative methods. In 2000 I was given the name of Dr. Bouchard from Kas-Sky Wholistic Cente, I have been treating my sons, Chad and Troy with homoeopathic medicine since 2000. I have had excellent results using this type of medicine. Whether my kids suffer with a cold, flu or allergies, Homoeopathy works fast at curing their illnesses with no side effects.

There are warning labels on most conventional medications that can cause severe side effects. There are several reports about people reacting to medications. Why would I want to take the risk of conventional medicine to solve one problem only to cause another?

Taking away my right to choose the medicine I want my family to use is discriminating. People have the right to choose other types of medical services such as Chiropractors over Physiotherapists. At first Chiropractors were thought to be a bad choice. Today Chiropractors process billions of dollars in revenue and consumers have coverage under Manitoba Health plans.

Today more and more people are choosing Homoeopathy as their choice of medicine.

Homoeopathic medicine should be covered under Manitoba Health plans. Why should I as a consumer have to pay more for medical expenses due to the Government’s reluctance in not finding out what Homoeopathic medicine is all about and how many people are actually using the medicines.

Rosemary Jodoin
While on the telephone one day, I noticed I could not hear with my right ear. There was no pain in my ear but there was a buzzing, static sound. I went to my General Practitioner who saw no evidence of infection and no bulging of the ear drum. No treatment was recommended but I was referred to and Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist who conducted a hearing test and confirmed hearing loss. I was told that the hearing loss was likely permanent and that I should consider a hearing aid. Because the cause of the hearing loss was unknown and only one ear was affected, I was sent for an MRI to rule out physical abnormalities (tumors, etc.) that may be the cause. The MRI failed to diagnose a source of the problem.

By this time, I began to notice that my hearing came and went and that the level of the static varied. I always used the telephone as a gauge for how well I could hear in the problem ear. After attending a workshop at Seven Oaks Wellness Centre on ‘‘Boosting the Immune System with Homoeopathy” I decided to try Homoeopathy. At the workshop, I spoke with others who told me of their very positive experiences with Homoeopathy.

I went to see Dr. Darlene Bouchard who had me complete a lengthy questionnaire that covered many areas of health. Then, after an hour of listening to me and asking me questions, she prescribed Homoeopathic remedies. Within 3-4 months, my hearing in my right ear returned and the buzzing was gone.

I continue to see the Homoeopathic Physician for other issues because of good results. I feel healthier and find she gave me sound advice.

Suzanne Soulodre
Recently, I had my first experience with Homoeopathic medicine. I brought both of my children in for treatment and had much success in both cases.

In discussions with Dr. Bouchard during my children’s visit, I had expressed my disappointment that Homoeopathic medicine was not partially covered as part of our universal medical system in Canada. One of the obstacles that Dr. Bouchard pointed out that Homoeopathy had in achieving some recognition in the Health care system was the fact that the governing bodies were not able to gather empirical data to assess the effectiveness of the practice. This letter addresses my opinion of that position of the federal governing bodies.

There are two points I want to make;
1. The health care system can make empirical assessments of the effectiveness of Homoeopathy. If a course of treatment is given with Western medicine and compared with statistically comparable subjects given Homoeopathic treatment, I don’t see why the results would not be viewed as comparable and credible. I won’t profess to be an expert in statistics nor a medical expert, but with my limited experience as a Marketing support person, I know that there are valid ways to compare the two. The test subjects could be assessed with some empirical data before and after both treatments and compared by the same standards of measurement. Even if studies were done on previously treated subjects for the same conditions and compared (which is done all the time and published in the media) it would be considered valid data.

2. Along with empirical measurements, satisfaction ratings could be incorporated as part of the evaluation process to measure the effectiveness of Homoeopathic treatment. If satisfaction rating scales and surveys are done in tandem with empirical data gathering, the results are statistically valid data. Homoeopathic medicine, along with other methods of health care around the world, are based on holistic approaches which are inherently at a disadvantage to methods of evaluation that are empirical based. Holistic approaches rely on perceptions of the patient along with physical assessments. This is why there is a need for perception scales and should be included along side the empirical data gathering methods.

There could be an argument made to incorporate satisfaction rating scales in assessing Western methods of treatment as well as Homoeopathic treatments. If the two treatments net the same empirical results, satisfaction rates could then be compared to see if there is a difference. That difference could bring some valuable insight.

I would be available for any further discussions on the subject, but for the purposes of brevity, I will leave my points as they are. I welcome any feedback on my position.

Rhonda Jones
My name is Rhonda Jones. My husband, Dane and I had struggled with infertility for 4 years, since 2002. We had been married two years before we decided to start a family. I was 34 at the time. We tried on our own for 6 months before I contacted my doctor, who started us on a fertility drug to help us get pregnant. I received 6 treatments, at $70 each and they did not work! This was just the beginning.

One year later, in the latter half of 2003, we were recommended to Heartland Fertility Centre. We tried IVF (in-vitro fertilization) three times and still no baby. We spent a total of $20 000 for this failed treatment over a period of 1 1/2 years! In 2004, we stopped these treatments, as well as others we were trying.

In January 2006, I went to see Dr. Darlene Bouchard of Kas-Sky Wholistic Health Care Centre. She gave me Homeopathic remedies to take and January 2, 2006 we were pregnant, at 39 years of age. We now have a beautiful baby girl (healthy) 8lbs. 12.5 oz. I had a wonderful pregnancy and easy delivery.

I will return to the Centre again! Also, I recommend the Centre to anyone that will listen because I am proof. My daughter is living proof.

Stacy L. Lischynski
About five years ago after the passing of a close family member, I started suffering from depression. Along with the depression came numerous anxiety attacks when high stress situations would arise. Being that the only thing I knew at the time was conventional medicines I decided to talk with my doctor and be put on something. I started taking celexa. She sent me to a psychiatrist for counseling, and the monitoring of side effects and dosages was required. It took my body about 1 month or a little longer for me to adjust to the medication, and start seeing the results. As I kept going for treatment I started noticing that the medications weren’t working. So she raised the dosage. After doing that I started feeling very comatose (emotionless). I was not able to differentiate between feelings of sadness, happiness or anger. I didn’t feel like it was helping the problem or my depression. I felt like it was a blanket, it made me happy, but a delirious type of happy. My problems were numbed... It temporarily fixed the issues. At one point after being sick many times and feeling the way I did, I went off the medications. EVERYTHING was worse. I was overloaded with these feelings that I thought would have been permanently fixed from the medications... only to realize that the only way that I could be fixed permanently was to stay on them for the rest of my life. I refused to live my life feeling that way.

As time went on I was still having problems coping, not knowing what to do. A couple of years passed by and I started getting connected with natural healers. Which brings me to why I started taking Homoeopathy. My mom for her own personal reasons started seeing Dr. Bouchard. As I saw her results being positive, I figured why not try it. There was no doubt in my mind that they could help me. Just maybe this time it could be permanent. Being on the medications through Homoeopathy has brought out emotions, but I am able to cope with the feelings. The dosage is regulated to my body based on the state of my emotions, and what I can handle. I can differentiate between my feelings of happiness, sadness, anger or irritation etc. I instantly felt relief to any physical or mental or emotional pain. On a physical and mental ability “the changes are at a pace that is easily handled”. I am able to identify when an anxiety attack is coming on, and I know how to stop it. I have been able to become more self-aware of my wants and needs. I have found peace from within. My inner voice I am able to clearly hear, and my thoughts don’t spin around me in all directions. Over the time I have spent trying to fix the underlying issued that created my stress and anxiety, yes it has cost a little bit of money. In the long run tho, I think that the government should recognize natural healers. The work that can be done to permanently fix a person is amazing. Especially the feeling you have once the work is done. You can actually enjoy life, without all these burdens of medications, and other issues. I no longer suffer from the issues that dragged me down before and I think my natural healers for that.

Elizabeth Abrahams
Since the spring of 2002 I have been seeing a Homoeopathic doctor. Initially I went for relief from depression. I had been on Serzone and Attivan intermittently since 1993 with some relief. Now I did not want to go back on anti-depressants and chose to try Homoeopathy. Results did not come quickly but with perseverance I now have had help with not only emotionally but also physically without the side effects that drugs potentially have. Weekly visits to the chiropractor have been part of my experience. My Homoeopathic Doctor Is presently also addressing my muscular and skeletal structure. We have seen some positive changes and the process continues. I have not found this to be a painless process but I appreciate the way Homoeopathy works at healing the whole body, mentally, emotionally and physically rather than one complaint at a time. It often seems to me that the body directs the healing process to the area that requires healing next.

The cost of remedies is another positive. Most people can afford them as opposed to the cost of drugs but we are denied the recognition of Homoepathy in our medical plans like Blue Cross, etc. I notice that naturopaths are covered. Naturopaths often use Homoeopathic remedies but have less training. Homoeopaths have training equal that of a General Practitioner plus they have specialized in Homoeopathic Medicine. Why is their service not recognized.

It would also be helpful to all if Homoeopathy were covered by our Manitoba Health Plan. It is a viable means of health care and we as citizens should be allowed to choose which means we prefer to use in the care of our bodies.

Diane Frost
I want to express the good work Dr. Bouchard has done for me. When I first came here I was very emotional, not a good person to live with. I also came here with blood clots in my leg, one part that was not going away and pain that blood thinners were not taking away. I was diagnosed with Activated Protein C Deficiency factor IV leiden that I will live off for the rest of my life. My family doctor feels I will be on Warfarin for the rest of my life which is something I don’t want. He has also taken me off Estrogen which I need to keep a balance of my hormones. I also am a high risk of osteoporosis as mom was. But with Homoeopathy it has helped me. The treatment to control my hot flashes and mood swings, I am a better person to live and work with. With Dr. Bouchard I have been feeling much better and have greatly improved.

I also have a case of psoriasis on my elbows and knees that never seems to go away with the cream I was given by my family doctor, but with this treatment I am receiving now it is almost gone. I can see it is going away and I am very happy with the results. I don’t have to hide them anymore.

When I first came here to the Doctor she could see I was not in good shape, very emotional stressed and mad at the world as you can say. She could see there was a lot of things I was holding onto and carrying with me. With the program she put me on, by my next visit we could see a big improvement. I was smiling and had a glow to my face. The stress is gone and I am not short tempered anymore, more relaxed and very happy with myself and with all the people around. My friends and family have seen a big improvement.

I have been coming here for four months now and I have a new lease on life, healthy and feel good about myself. Thank you again for the wonderful work you do Dr. Bouchard.

Cam Anderson
I went to Kas-Sky Wholistic Health Care Centre for Homoeopathic treatment to find relief for my back and neck pain. I’ve lived with the pain for approx. 5 years, following a car accident. After the accident I tried muscle relaxants and chiropractic treatment only to find temporary relief, if any from whiplash.

Aside from helping me with my neck and pack pain, Dr. Bouchard was able to help me with digestive and posture problems. The treatment I received was painless and I noticed an improvement quickly. Now I have restful night sleeps as opposed to an hour here and there. I find my occupation more enjoyable throughout the day and my evenings are more peaceful.

I recommend anyone living with pain to try Homeopathy for relief. I know of other people who have benefited from it. I can say that I am 90% better than I was before.

Koreen Ogg
Last year, I made my first appointment with Dr. Bouchard due to excessive bleeding caused by thickening of the lining of the uterus due to hormonal “pre-menopausal” changes. Trying to lead normal, active life is quite difficult when most of your time is spent in the bathroom. My fear was that if I followed the regular medical pattern, the final outcome would be a hysterectomy. I believe that this surgery is performed way too quickly and way too often in our North American society (our rate is double that of Europeans!) I felt very strongly that I’d like to keep all parts of my body, if possible, as I believe they work in concert and all have their purpose.

Today, I feel 100% better. My periods have returned to a normal and regular cycle and this has been accomplished by a very simple and inexpensive homeopathic solution. I think the government should start funding homoeopathy as an acceptable alternative to modern medicine. I saved myself a lot of time, pain and money, and in doing so also saved the government a huge amount of “better spent” health care dollars by avoiding surgery and hospitalization, not to mention the long term costs associated with artificially replacing the body’s function.

Kellie Rudy
I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your excellent care over the last few years. I first came in because of warts on my hands that had been there for years. I was amazed to see them vanishing before my eyes over the next few months. Since then the remedies and support from you have given me the ability to manage my life with strength and balance. Thank you again for your commitment to treating the whole person.

Gerald Blerot
When I was 14, I injured my lower back. For the next 4 decades, I would experience extreme pain. 3 or 4 times a year where I could not even get out of bed in the morning. Sitting through meetings or seminars was most uncomfortable. I ran from one chiropractor to another to find one who could cure my ailments. They would give me relief but I would have to make return visits all the time and the ailment persisted. I felt that I would have to live the rest of my life with this situation.

In the year 2006, I was introduced to Dr. Darlene Bouchard, a doctor of Homeopathy. Within 2 months of her medical treatments, I was completely cured. No more debilitating aches or discomforts. I have not had any lower back pain to speak of for over 4 years now. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Bouchard.

Sharon - Former Nurse (LPN)
In August 2001, my symptoms began. I had difficulty holding my head up, especially by the end of my shift. Painful muscle spasms in my neck which got progressively worse. Chronic neck and shoulder problems attributed to this. I went to see a Physician who prescribed pain medication and Physiotherapy, but no diagnosis was made.

In October 2001, I developed a Staph infection in my hands, the right one was worse than the left. I was treated with Antibiotics. They sent me to an Allergy Specialist, who diagnosed me with allergies from things in my work environment. The infection in hands cleared up, but neck condition worsened. They tried various pain medications for muscle spasms and pain on the right side of neck. Nothing seemed to work. My head began to tilt to the right. In December 2001, I was sent to a Neurologist who immediately diagnosed me with a severe Cervical Dystonia.

I was injected 2 vials of BoTox into my neck muscles. Within a day, pain was relieved. I had difficulty swallowing and choking within 2 days. 2 weeks later pain and muscle spasms returned. I went on sick leave at work because I could no longer function. I saw various specialists regarding the possibility of surgery. There were many choices; all risky. I agreed to have only 1 vial of BoTox injected.

Choked on fluids, a couple of days later. Then, developed aspiration pneumonia. I decided to opt out of receiving anymore. Through educating myself, I became aware of the need to listen to my body and decided I needed to stop all meds and explore natural ways to heal. I became aware of mind, body, spirit connection. I weaned myself off of all meds and noticed a decrease in intensity of pain almost immediately. I then tried Naturopathy; Bowen therapy; Feldenkrais therapy; Acupuncture; cranio-sacral massage.

In 2004, I was told about Homoeopathy from my sister. At the time of my first appointment I had stopped driving, sensing that it was not safe for me to drive. My head was almost on my right shoulder and I spent most of my time in bed. Going for a walk was quite painful. I could only tolerate 10 or 15 minutes. Activity was very limited.

After Homoeopathic Treatment
Amazed at the amount of time the Homoeopath spent with me at each visit: 1 hour or more each time. It was not until the end of the appointment that I would receive a list of the recommended remedies to take. It was not long before I started to see some improvement in my condition. By 2006, I began driving again after being tested at the HSC. No modifications to my vehicle were needed.

My condition has improved dramatically. My head is no longer almost on my shoulder. Seldom do I experience pain or muscle spasms. If I do, I recognize it as my body telling me I am overdoing things. This has taken time and much perseverance with Homoeopathic treatment, which I continue to receive. It has not been an easy journey, by no means. I figure it took me a long time to get this condition so it will be a long time before it is completely gone. There is no ‘quick fix’.

Changes I Have Made in My Life
I have learned to pace myself and pay attention to the connection between my spirit, body, and mind. I no longer take any medications including over the counter. Now, when I have a virus or infection, I am treated homeopathically with remedies. I also avoid the use of sunscreen and insect repellant. My understanding of Homoeopathy has deepened and I certainly would recommend it.

I have not returned to work as a nurse as I still have limitations but I have taken on various volunteer positions. This leaves me the ability to do things at my own pace and to continue to focus on healing.

Homeopathy, in combination with prayer for healing, and some body work (caring for the mind, body, spirit) that has allowed healing to take place in my body.