Dr. Darlene Bouchard (DMS)
Darlene has been in the health care field since her early teens and has developed a genuine compassion for helping people achieve better health. After observing orthodox methods of medicine she realized that getting well is easy if you follow the laws of nature. Her life experiences have helped her ‘walk her talk’.

Told that their daughter would not have a long life, Darlene and her husband struggled desperately to help her, using conventional health methods... without success. Only after using natural wholistic methods, their daughter was finally on the road to recovery. The Bouchards felt they were given a "second chance".

Darlene chose to study homeopathy with a vision to offer the same "second chance" to others. Dr. Bouchard (DMS) founded the Kas-Sky Wholistic Health Care Centre, which opened in April 2001.

Kassy Bouchard CSEP-CPT, B.Sc Kinesiology and Applied Health
Kassy became passionate about sports at a young age. She tried everything from basketball to badminton, but her true love became hockey. It is that love of exercise, competition and breaking into a sweat that has fueled her interest for a career in personal training. She is excited to share that love with her clients and motivate them to reach their goals by providing safe and effective workouts.

- Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Applied health- specializing in Exercise Science
- CSEP-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
- Emergency First Aid/CPR Level C - from St. John’s Ambulance
- Zumba Basic One and Two
- 200hr Yoga Teacher Training from Source Yoga
- BellyFit Instructor
- 32hr Vinyasa Teacher Training from Yoga Centre Winnipeg

Training Philosophy: Kassy believes every person with a realistic goal can achieve it with the proper tools and guidance. With one-on-one training your success potential is drastically higher. Choosing the right trainer for you is important. When building a client/trainer relationship it is her mission to give you the tools to succeed and the support to encourage you every step of the way. Kassy specializes in weight loss, muscle mass development and marathon preparation. Kassy has completed two Triathlons and over 10 marathons (distance ranging from 5k to 13.1miles), and looks forward to sharing that experience with her clients and helping them challenge their own limits.

Vivacity Fitness is the hottest new fitness centre in Winnipeg’s south end. Located at 561 St. Anne’s Road, Vivacity Fitness offers its Winnipeg residents with Bootcamps, Strength Training Circuits, Zumba, Yoga, BellyFit, Kickboxing, PrettyFit, Chair Dancing, Burlesque and Pole Dancing. Class sizes are small and private.