Exceptionally Positive Report on Homeopathy by the Swiss Government

There may be no government more neutral and un-biased as the Swiss government, and their new report on homeopathic medicine is a very comprehensive and extremely positive review of homeopathy.  In its wide review of clinical studies, basic science research, and even cost-effectiveness studies, this report has found that homeopathic medicines ARE both effective and cost-effective. The report recommends that government insurance includes homeopathic treatment.

To read something about this report, click here. Dana Ullman is planning to write a series of articles about this new report, but because this effort will require several weeks to evaluate the report and write about it, he NEEDS your support to make public this important report. Because writing on this report may be critical in helping get homeopathy the RESPECT it deserves, please consider extending yourself by giving a contribution to this effort. We realize that not everyone can afford to do so...but if you can, we will ALL benefit.